No Peace EP

by Empire Of Rats

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released October 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Empire Of Rats Columbus, Ohio

Hardcore from Columbus, Ohio.
FFO: 100 Demons, Nails, Ringworm, Buried Alive, and Crowbar.


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Track Name: We're Dead
Misled- A world that pretends to love
Force Fed- That we're all the same
We're Dead- No thoughts that we speak of
No one to trust, we're all on our own

Pretend to care what we say
Pretend to care what we do
To me you are all the same
We were made this way by you

You'll never look at me as a human being
That's why I spit in the face of everyone I see
I'm going to fucking explode so don't pressure me
So say out of my way and just leave me be..In peace!
Track Name: Force Fed
This world of filth tries to swallow me
But I can't give in to this disease
Forced in my head what you think is true
Going backwards from misguided youth

Nothing you say or do to cure this world of sleeze
Nothing to say or do to put my mind at ease

No one listens and no one cares
Minds are twisted and nothings fair
No one will survive the hell!
Track Name: Empire of Rats
Born into hatred
Lives ruined by fear
A simple solution
Rid of what you hold dear
A mindless concept
This you will not control
We were born of rats
no loved ones left to hold
Oblivious rat race
This is what you hold so true
No one left to save us
Your empire dies with you

Can't help these thought of rage
Can't help these thoughts of revolt
It will always be this way
Can't help it, it's all your fault

Your leaders are misguiding you
Track Name: The 03 Code
Face on the ground, don't fucking move
That's why I don't trust, not even a few
Your thoughts of power gone to your head
If it were up to me, you'd all be dead

Harassing me every chance you get
Always out numbered, we're sick of this shit
Shooting the helpless, getting paid leave
When you're found dead in the alley, only your family will grieve
Track Name: Still Out of Breath
I'm still frustrated, I still can't breathe
It's taking it's toll, I just can't leave
Finding my breath, lungs in a vice
Can't figure out why I'm feeling this ice
Loosing my breathe, feeling off track
This weight on my shoulders is breaking my back
Burning inside, still seeing red
Can't get these thoughts out of my fucking head

I can't see things clear
My vision is blurred
I am the one you fear
This can't be cured
I wish a motherfucker would!